Do you have ever thought of how to make an invisible folder? I mean a hidden and invisible folder not hidden the folder. We are facing a lot of problems while securing our data, so this might be a way by which we can secure our data, files, and folder. There are billions of attackers around the world who always try to trace any types of data files and secured files, but we all know that attackers or the malicious programmers always find a new way of attack our system with different attacks. So obviously, this isn't the safe way, but you can still make the folder safe by your friends. 

Remember sometimes the icon of the folder may appear to be black when your refresh but for a fraction of seconds. You just decrease the size of the icon on your Desktop by pressing CTRL + scrolling the wheel of your mouse downward. If you want to increase the size of the folder icon then just do the opposite that is CTRL + Scroll the mouse wheel upwards.

Even our friends always find a way out to search for our secure files, folder, images, etc. So this year might be a way by which we can secure our personal information, data with only Us. There are some methods by which an invisible folder can be created easily on your Desktop. These work with almost all Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vistas, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. You just need to follow the steps which I will tell you to create that invisible folder in windows 10.

Create an invisible folder in Windows 10

These are some steps required to create an invisible folder on the Desktop:

1. Create a new folder on the Desktop

2. Rename the folder by just pressing F2


3. Hold alt and type 0160


4. Press enter you will get a folder without a name


5. Now the next step is to right-click on the folder and click on the customize tab


6. Select the empty item and click on the apply button


This how your folder will look when you follow these all the steps.

To make the folder visible again, you just need to unhide the folder by just right click on the properties. Go to the Customize tab and uncheck the hide button. And change the icon of the folder with the regular icon, and you're done, you have made the folder visible again.

This method to make the folder invisible isn't the correct way to secure your folder and files. You do not need any third-party software you can do it by yourself. There is an amazing feature given in the windows that not everyone knows that you modify or customize some tools in windows. Go to my post where you can protect your folder with some cool codes. You can unlock the folder with the batch file easily, you can protect your folder in windows 10. Just click on the blue text to go to the most efficient way of protecting your folder and files without any software.

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