If you're looking for how to fix the no internet access problem then came to the right place. So in this article, we will know how we can solve the no internet access problem.

No Internet Access Problem fixed


You open your laptop and start some work done on your windows device, and then it appears an annoying yellow sign looks over your internet connection which proclaims that you have NO Internet connection.

    Why No Internet Access Problem Occurs

    Before we proceed, we should understand what exactly the problem is that is when you see this error.

    Wireless devices like a laptop connect to the router. The device which handles the network connection between the devices in your home, office, or different networks.

    If you see that connection, no internet access, but no internet, or something like that on your computer, it means that your PC is connected to the router correctly but unable to connect to the internet and vice versa.

    Cross Check the given below things

    Try to check the following setting before go through the fixing part.

    Reboot or reinsert your modern and router

    Check your Ip address as the steps are followed above.

    Check your ISP's status.

    Update your wireless device

    Update your wireless device drivers

    Reset Your network

    Run the Windows Network Troubleshooter

    If you are unable to solve the internet error, then follow this simple procedure to solve internet error.

    Steps to solve No internet access

    How to solve this annoying internet error? Here are some steps that are given that you should follow to solve this problem in a very detailed manner. So be patient and follow these steps given below.

    Step 1: Go to the setting (right-click on the three-dot and select the setting option)

    Step 2: Scroll down until you see the advance option and click on it

    Step 5: Search for System and right-click on an open proxy setting.

    Step 6: Click on the LAN setting.

    Step 7: Uncheck the Proxy server option.

    Step 8:Check the Automatically detect setting and hit the OK button.

    And Restart your PC.

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