Social chatting apps are amazing. The App developers are working hard as well as in an ingenious way to provide extremely impressive social media chatting apps precisely like the new Ablo app. The developer solidifies the existing features and brings up some additional features with some advanced features.

Social networking apps are a way to enhance our connectivity with each other. It is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people. You are just one click away from those likely-minded people like you with thousands in numbers. Keep aside location and religion. These apps have become more comfortable and more accessible for us to connect with family and friends.  

These apps can benefit people's mental health. Emotions expressed via chatting, calling, and commenting affects people's moods. People get breaking news faster on their phone screen quickest than ever. Just scroll down, and there you got a piece of news. These apps give a stage where they can tell their feelings, thoughts, that what they actually they think. People can share their opinions with their close ones and also from the person who is far away from them. This ablo app will allow you to do that all the kinds of stuff with just one click and boom you will be talking to the person sitting in another continent or any of the places which are far away from you.

Ablo - Say hello to the world


The new social app which connects you all over the world is named Ablo. The Ablo app is developed by MassiveMedia. As the motto of the Ablo app is to "Say hello to the World" which works as it says that it gives the power to chat to another person present in the other country of different culture with different religion so that language not acts as the barrier for you.

           Ablo allows you to explore the world and talk via video calls from any country at any time, in any language. You can know how you feel and share about the particular country's culture and traditions very quickly. You can exchange the thought, ideas, and various stuff over the Ablo. Ablo from MassivemMedia was Google's pick for the App of the year in  2019.           


  • Built-in language translator
  • Hide chat feature
  • Disable notification feature
  • Video call while chatting
  • Lock chat feature
  • Passcode authentication feature
  • Awsome sticker collection
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Filter to which country you want to talk or to connect
  • FIlter to connect with which gender
  • Cool animations and UI
  • Weekly and all-time ranking system
  • Video chat with an online translation which is pop as a subtitle
  • Archive conversation
  • Chat anonymously with facecat
  • An Ablo crew which guide throughout the process

Some rules should be followed in this App:

  • No flirting (without consent)
  • No pushing to send pics or contact details
  • No sexual/abusive behavior
  • No racism, bullying, or violence 
  • No spam

The ablo app is one in all package app delivering you without any money. It has also been awarded as Google play's app of the year due to its a unique and beautiful design. It also got the best translation system which can translate live when you will at the video call isn't it is amazing. 

For more details, you can visit the Ablo official website here: Ablo official site.

Here is the link where you can download the Ablo App: Click here.

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  4. Ablo is a useful social media app, but I think Facebook is better. You can buy Facebook reviews at, and I think that's one of the best reasons to use Facebook.

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