Cryptography is the study of secure communications or the messaging technique that is used to communicate between the two channels and that allows only the sender and receiver to view its message or content. The term is derived from the Greek word which is Kryptos, which generally means hidden in the greek world. If the message is intercepted, a third party has everything they need to decrypt and read the message. In easy words, you can say that to encrypt your message in some form of code or secret that no one can understand except the sender and the receiver.

Things you should know in Cryptography

    What is Encryption?

    Encryption is a process that deals with the encoding a piece of information or message so that the one or more receiver can access it. The information or message is scrambled through the cipher or the hash algorithm. Simply you can say that encryption is the way of encrypting a message, and encrypting a message means to jumble the piece of information into numbers, symbols, and letters. The hash algorithm or the cipher generally converts plaintext to ciphertext, or you can say that information that can't be readable.

    Encryption protects against any leakage of your data and information to any third party. The ciphertext of scrambled information or data can only be decrypted by the encryption key, which can not be accessed by any of the attackers. This makes your data and information more secure in terms of security. This way, your data and information will always be safe and secure within yourself.

    What is Decryption?

    Decryption is the way of a process of decoding the encrypted data and information into the decrypted form. As cipher, which is an algorithm used in encryption, is again used to convert into the none ciphertext. In simple words, you can say that conversation of jumbled text into the plain text using an encryption key.

    Check out this Video for more details about Cryptography

    Encode a text message by cryptography method

    Now coming to the practical demonstration of how we can do encryption and decryption of data and information, just follow these steps.

    Visit the website known as If you find any difficulty, the link of the site is given below just click on click here, and you will be transferred to the website.

    Now type "Hello" in the text field or the rectangular box and click on Encrypt. You will see the MD5 hash for "hello" is 

    Now you can send this particular text to anyone anywhere, such as Whatsapp or SMS. 

    To Decrypt the message by again visiting the website or click here to go to the site.

    Now paste the code that you get while encrypting the message or information. In my case, it was 8b1a9953c4611296a827abf8c47804d7. Click on the Decrypt button, and you will get you to message decrypted as, in my case, it was "Hello." 

    Some other alternative site for encrypting and decrypting messages 
    Code Beautify
    Secret Messages

    That's all you have to do for encrypting and decrypting your messages or either way encoding and decoding, now you know about how to encrypt messages and some essential kinds of stuff like what is cryptography, encryption, and decryption. For more such useful information, you can follow this website. If you get a kick out of stuff and valuable information like this, you might enjoy some of our posts like How to make an invisible folder on the desktop, How to check who is connected to your wifi. If you like this post, then just share with your friends, and you find any problems do comment below.


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