If you want to get rid of undeletable files or unable to remove any file or folder, then read this article to clarify your problem. First of all, understand this fantastic software, which generally named Unlocker, which is developed only for this purpose that is to delete the system files or folder very quickly.


    Generally, there are many files which are not getting deleted, or you are unable to delete, or you want to get rid of this undeletable files due to some reasons. That reason may be the control of the administrator, it might be the systems file, or it could be even worse than your computer might be infected by some computer virus. Also sometime when you try to delete a file, you will have the warning saying that operation can not be completed because it is open by another program.

    Before trying to solve this kind of problem first try something out like close all your programs, restart your computer, and scan with the antivirus. In case if you do not have any antivirus then scan with the windows defender. If you still arise with this problem, then apply this method to delete the unwanted files which are not getting deleted. There is a cmd method, but you people might get confusing so try this third party software known as Unlocker, it will efficiently delete your files easily without any problem.

    Unlocker - Get rid of Undeletable files

    Unlocker is a secure and potent software that can delete any undeletable files, folder, or any other stuff that you wanna delete. It is very available on the internet. It has a straight-forward User interface(UI) which helps the user to interact with the software without any difficulty. 

    It deletes even those files, which is administrator control which is undeletable, so use it very carefully, so try to delete those files, which is unnecessary, not the system file. Removing the system files might result in vulnerability or failure to your computer, so use it wisely. 

    Sometimes when the computer is corrupted, and we install the new operating system then in the local disk there is windows old folder of older operating system's files remain there. These files are protected so you can not delete those files. To delete those files just use the unlocker software to frequently solve that problem but remember it will take some time to delete that particular file as they are in the administration system. So wait till all the files and folders are deleted and do not turn off your computer.

    Steps for deleting files which are undeletable with Unlocker are :

    Step 1: Download the Unlocker software, the download link is given below :

    Step 2: After downloading, double click on the file.

    Step 3: Install the Unlocker software.

    Step 4: After installing, Right-click on the desired file that you want to delete permanently.

    Step 5: If you see an option named Unlocker, then select it.

    get rid of undeletable files


    Step 6: You will see a dialogue box will pop-up just like in the picture below.

    get rid of undeletable files

    Step 7: In the drop-down menu, select the delete option and 
                 Click Ok button.
    get rid of undeletable files

    You will see that your file is deleted permanently. You can also delete any folder, files and even the entire drive very easily and quickly with the help of this Unlocker software. Remember if the unlocker is not working correctly then restart your computer and try again this will fix the problem. 

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