If you wanted to protect your computer, then you came to the right place here are some steps you should follow to make your computer protected by any vulnerability or make safe from being attacked by any malicious programmer.

Protect your computer by Pendrive

Protect your computer by just using a flash drive or a Pendrive. There is a software named Predator by which you can protect your computer by any of the vulnerabilities, or you can make your computer more privately. Predator is one of the most exceptional works of a software developer. Here we will use Predator for making your computer more private or incognito mode for you. Predator locks your computer with a black screen when you are away or not close to the computer, even if your Windows session is still open. It uses a USB flash drive or a Pendrive as the controlling device.

The Predator works in the following ways:

  • Insert the USB drive or the Pendrive.
  • Run the Predator, or it will autostart when the system boots up.
  • Do your work in the system.
  • When you away from your computer or system, you simply remove or eject the USB device.
  • When it is removed or ejected, the input devices are disabled like your keyboard and mouse will be disabled, and the screen went on dark or black screen pops-up.
  • When you return back to your computer, you put the USB flash drive or the Pendrive in place. The input devices like Keyboard and mouse are immediately back to normal, and the display comes back to the normal state.

It is very convenient and a very faster way of locking an unlocking process during your sessions with the computer. The speed or the response rate of the locking and unlocking process is like the speed of light. The most fantastic feature is that you do not need to type any kind of password, isn't it amazing.

The free version offers the following features:

1. Monitoring options
2. Alarm options
3. Password options
4. Language selection
5. AutoStart with Windows
6. Check for updates
7. Enable pause

To download the Predator, click the download button below.


You can even download from the official website here is the link just click here. When you click the link, you will be sent to the Predator's official website. Just follow some steps to download the file according to your system. Download the file according to the bit based windows system. If you have a 64-bit or 32-bit based window system, then download accordingly as mine is 64-bit; therefore, I have downloaded the 64-bit based window system.

Follow some of the steps to configure the Predator on your system

 First off, all open the downloaded file and Install the Predator in your system.
 Insert your flash drive or Pendrive and open the Predator.
 A window will pop-up to configure a password, Select the Pendrive or flash drive accordingly, type any password you like, and press the Ok button.

 Now go to the show more icons menu and right-click on the predator icon and select preferences.


 Now type a new password and change the read and write values to 5 and 10 respectively and click ok button.

 Now go to the show more icons menu and right-click and select Resume the monitoring mode.

 Now take out your Pendrive. You see, that whole monitor will be black.
 Now, if you enter the wrong password, then it will pop a message that Access Denied with a sound that will look like this.
➒ And all your input devices like mouse and keyboard will not be work and to unlock and enter the correct password that you have entered during the installation.
➓ Now, if you re-insert the Pendrive, then your computer will be unlocked, and it will be work properly as usual.
That's all you have to do for making your computer protected from any type of vulnerabilities. If you get a kick out of stuff and tricks like this, you might enjoy some of our posts like How to make an invisible folder on the desktop,How to check who is connected to your wifi. If you like this post, then do share with your friends, and you find any problems do comment below.

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