Adobe Illustrator is a premium software generally used for creating vector graphics for printing purpose and uploading on the internet. This application is used by many of the art workers in the field of designing. This is a bit paid application, but it is viral due to its excellent tools which have the ability to create great content images and graphics. As we all know that all the products of adobe are pretty amazing so as the Illustrator. So let us begin with the solution of the problem that we get during the opening or importing a .jpeg or .png file formate of the image.

Illustrator plug-in can not understand this file problem fixed

There is a problem that occurs while opening or importing an image file in Illustrator. The message pop-ups that "could not read the file because the plug-in could not understand this file" while opening an image or file in the Illustrator. The fix that we will discuss will solve all the problems like the file could not be read due to an error illustrator, adobe illustrator could not read the file because the plug-in could not understand this file, the file could not be read due to an error in Illustrator, an unknown error has occurred while opening, illustrator file unknown format can not be opened, Illustrator could only partially read this file, the file is damaged. It could not be repaired Illustrator, a file could not be read due to an error. So brace your self and let us fix this gigantic problem. If you see the message like in the below picture, then apply any of the two methods to solve this image importing or opening problem.


Method 1

Open your browser and search for compressjpeg or click here to go to this website. You can also visit the other sites that compress the images like tinyjpeg, commpressnow etc.

If you have jpeg image, then click on jpeg on the right corner otherwise click on the png.

Upload your image there and wait for uploading and compressing.

After some time you will see the compressed image and how much the file is compressed will show in % percentage.

Download that image and try to import or open it in the Illustrator.

This method is my trick, it somehow works. I think it might change the parsing properties of the images which make it work. This method will work in every adobe products. Some of the image optimizing or edit application like adobe photoshop also show this issue. This method will also work for adobe photoshop.

Method 2

Open the Adobe photoshop or Illustrator and click on the edit menu.

And click on Preferences → File handling.

Now Under the File  Compatibility, click on Camera Raw Preferences.

Go to the bottom in the panel, and you will see JPEG and TIFF Handling.

Change Automatically open JPEGs with settings to Automatically open all supported JPEG and in TIFF change Automatically open TIFF with settings to Automatically open all supported TIFF.


And click on OK button.

Now try to open the image file whether it is JPEG or PNG. You will see the file is now open automatically without any trouble.

If you find this method helpful, do share with friends who are facing this problem and follow our website spyronation so that you get more stuff like this and you will get notified when we will post something. If you have any issues related to this post, please feel free to ask we will try to look into your problem. If you have any problem doing this method and not able to understand then comment below, we will try to solve it.


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