If you are going to play or currently playing Assassin creed origin, then you should know some of the tricks and tips that might make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Assassin creed origin is a fantastic game with lots of tricky and mind-blowing missions and beautiful places in it. The most amazing and my favourite thing about Assassin creed origin is you can take complete controls of the eagle which is known as Senu in this Assassin creed game.  If you have decided to play, then you must check the assassin creed origin right now.

Assassin's Creed Origin : Features, Tips and Tricks

Features, tricks, and tips for Assassin Creed Origin

Do a Barrel Roll

By tapping left, right, left, right, and vice versa and for pc guys press A and D repeatedly, you will make Senu perform a barrel roll.

 Start the fire in arrows
Using your torch, you can ignite your arrows wherever you are in the game.

 Let the bodies hit the floor
If you hold the left trigger on the Xbox one or L2 on the PS4, then press the right trigger(R2). You will be able to throw dead bodies, perfect forbidding them in Hay Bales or water.

 Keep Rollin' Rollin' when falling from heights
When landing from a high enough height to cause Bayek damage, if you hold the right trigger just before landing, you will perform a roll and avoid any damage.

 Keeping an eye on things
When following a road to a destination, it's possible to take control of Senu or the eagle and survey the surroundings.

 It's like that scene from free willy
Using the red oil jars, you can find in the water. This is a great way to take down enemy boats or even some of the wild animals living in the water like Crocodile, snake, or something else in the water.

 Harder, then it looks
If you hold the block button while riding a horse, you will be able to turn Bayek a full 360 degrees. This will allow you to strike arrows to the enemy.

 Hey, Over here!
Holding down on the D-ad calls for your horse, but if you tap down, Bayek will produce whistle that will attract enemies nearby, and you can quickly eliminate them by assassinating.

 Night, Night 
Throwing poison or sleep darts into a source of fire will create a gas cloud taking down enemies caught in the area.

 Sneaking in the back
A lot of objectives or loot are hidden in the tents. It is possible to slide in through the end of the tents, making it much easier to grab what's inside.

 Pet any animals in assassin creed
Just crouch near any animal to make them as a pet in the game.

 Assassinates through breakable objects
You can assassinate enemies through doors, walls, and ceilings made of bamboo and straw or any objects that are breakable easily.

 Some extra tricks & tips for Assassin Creed Origin
You can feed or pet the Senu the eagle just by pressing the triangle button.

 You can perform a backward leap of faith from any building or from any hights.

 If you whistle, the Crocodile will automatically follow you.

That's all you have to know to enjoy your assassin creed origin game. For more such tips and tricks you can follow this website, the link is given below. If you get a kick out of stuff and tricks like this, you might enjoy some of our posts like How to make an invisible folder on the desktop, How to check who is connected to your wifi. If you like this post, then do share with your friends, and you find any problems do comment below.


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