In this post, We will know how to make Bootable USB for Kali Linux using RUFUS in Windows. We will see the easiest and better way that you can create bootable USB for Kali Linux or Ubuntu. For this tutorial, we will use the Rufus software. Rufus is a portable software, and it does not need installation. How It works and how to create bootable USB for Kali Linux using a RUFUS installer. Read this guide very carefully. Let's get started.

How to make Bootable USB for Kali Linux

What is RUFUS?

Rufus is a free, portable software for creating bootable USBs of any OS. The portable software only works on the Windows operating system. But it can create the bootable USB for software installation that can work any OS such as Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. It also helps you to configure a new OS on our computer.

First Full fill all the requirements before creating bootable USB for Kali Linux. The following are the requirements to make bootable USB for Kali Linux.


Kali Linux ISO file 

Download below the latest Kali Linux ISO File. 


Download from the official website:

There are many versions of Kali Linux available. But for this tutorial, we going to use the full 64-bit version. But there the other options like the Kali Linux Lite, with Xfce or KDE GUI and various options. We can use anyone. But for convenience, we will use 64-bit as everyone now day use the 64-bit version of Kali Linux.

⏩ Rufus 

As we have downloaded the iso file of Kali Linux. Then we need to transfer the ISO in our USB. For this tutorial, we will use the software, which is RUFUS. Download the latest Rufus Software is given below.

Download RUFUS

Download Rufus From the Official Website:

You can also download Rufus from the Official Website at Go to this Official website of Rufus from any of the browser and scroll down a little bit to the Download section. Click on the Rufus or Rufus Portable download link. In this tutorial, we will use Rufus portable. So download the portable one.

A Pendrive (  At least 4GB)

An Internet connection while making bootable Pendrive.

Now, as we have downloaded all the required files that we need to make the bootable USB.

Follow these instructions carefully without skipping any of them. 

Insert your Pendrive in the Computer.

Start the Rufus and select the Kali Linux.iso file from the browse menu. It will automatically identify your USB.

NOTE: Rufus will first remove everything from your USB device i.e it will formate your UBS before making bootable. If you kept any essential data, then please transfers to somewhere on the computer before you go through the further process.

Now Click on the select button. Open the folder where the ISO file of Kali Linux is and select it.

Select the MBR in partition Scheme & bios or UEFI in the target system.

Now leave all the remaining settings as default and click start.

As the new Unbuntu ISO image provides different burning options, we have two options ISO MODE or DD MODE. By default, it will be ISO MODE is selected. But we have to choose the DD MODE.

Now, wait until all the files transferred in the Pendrive or UBS. Your Bootable USB for Kali Linux is ready.

If got any problem then I recommend you to watch the video below.

This was the most convenient and easiest method that you can create bootable USB for Kali Linux. Creating a bootable USB for Linux is not so difficult. If you have got any problem, feel free to share it with us via the comment form below. Thanks for being with us.


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