Typing skills are a great asset for everyone whether you're a student or have a job for frequent use of a computer. Many people find it difficult to type on a computer than on a mobile device.

This the post is for those people who require the frequent use of a computer or laptop. Increasing the typing speed is very easy, you just need to learn proper technique and tools. So, here are some of the best online tools that will boost or increase your typing speed gradually.

Best Online tools for improving Typing Speed



    This is the best website with simple user-interface and a lot of exciting features. As soon as the user joins and starts typing in the box, the site will start analyzing the speed of that user. This analyzing of typing speed will be shown in the user's profile via graphs with the rate of time. A graph to show your highest, lowest and average typing speed and daily speed of every test.


    • 1 min Speed beginner Test (Top 200Words)
    • 1 min Speed Advance Test (Top 1000Words)
    • Online multiplayer Typing game
    • Typing competition
    • Support many typing languages (Including Hindi)
    • Custom Typing Test
    • Track the users typing speed with graphical representation
    • Different batch unlocked after crossing certain levels or skills

    This Website focus on the placement of fingers on the keyboard. This website has many cool typing games, typing competition and typing test to boost your typing skill. You also compete with your friends on this website.

    Here is the Website Link:  10fastfingers

    Here is a basic test that you can take to check your typing speed right now.


    This is basically the typing lesson kinda website. This website will train you on the basis of what your weakness while typing. 

    There are many features in Keybr.com that make it unique and enjoyable from different software and online tools out there.

    It will automatically generate typing lessons matching the user's skills with there statistics and smart algorithm. It works on some Algorithm which figures out that at what specific letters the user struggle to type and then train the users on those struggling letters. 

    But, it does not force the user to repeat the same words or letters over and over again. It will make the user more comfortable with slow, steady contributes to the users learning.


    This may very difficult for a lot of users but if you practice on this site, it will definitely pay you for your hard work.

    Here is the Website Link:   Keybr

    Nitro Type Race

    Nitro type race is a multiplayer browser typing game. Nitro Type was built and powered by Teaching.com,

    Anyone can improve typing speed by competing in the race with all typists all around the globe. This game is for all ages of people whether a child or adult. If you are a beginner or good typist, you must try Nitro type race game. This game is completely free without any price.

    You can race against your friends and earn new cars as well as track your scores. You can race with almost five players online. This is a great typing tool that can you can promote typing for kids inside the school curriculum.

    Website Url:  Nitro Type Race

    Monkey Type

    Monkeytype is a modern typing test, featuring many tests type, a database system to save your typing test and speed history within your account. Monkey type has user-configurable features like themes, a smooth caret and more.

    Typing fast gives pleasure to many people. You can improve or boost your typing skills just practising key phrases by typing 1 hour a day.

    monkey type

    Monkey Type shows Stats in :

    wpm - The total amount of characters in the correctly typed character with spaces, divided by 5 and summing up to 60 seconds.

    raw wpm - Calculated as the total number of words typed correctly with spaces including wrong typed words.

    accuracy - Total %(percentage) of correctly pressed character.

    char - Right characters / wrong characters typed. Calculated after the end of the test.

    consistency - The more you closer to 100% is better. Calculated using the coefficient of variation of raw wpm and mapped onto a scale from 0 to 100.


    Tab and enter - Restart the typing test

    ESC - Access all the functionality you need without touching your mouse.

    After finishing a test you will be able to see your wpm of the test taken by you, raw wpm, accuracy, test length(30 sec), leaderboards and test information. You can also see a graphical representation of your test taken in wpm and raw won over time.

    By default, the site includes the most common 200 words in the English language to produce it as a test. You can also change the language you prefer for your typing in Monkey Type.

    Here is the Website Link:  Monkey Type

    With this few online typing tools, you can make more words per minute than usual in a more enjoyable way. Boost-up your typing speed with these online typing tests and typing games.


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