Ubisoft is finally bringing back desmond miles to the assassin's creed infinity. It's the game the biggest project that Ubisoft is currently working on for the future of the assassin's creed series. Where they've already confirmed that assassin's creed infinity is pretty much going to be kind of like an online live service subscription type of thingy. Where you have different seasons that you can purchase and all the future assassin's creed games are just going to get combined and become this one game forever and every new season we'll get a whole new timeline an entirely new storyline and stuff like that. So you pretty much have to just buy a season pass we guess.

Assassin's Creed Infinity | Coming Soon


Now we have more information coming from the game brand to where they have now said the desmond miles is going to play a very huge role in assassin's creed infinity. Now if you guys have played assassin's creed Valhalla and have completed the story then you would probably know that Layla gets to meet desmond miles inside the animus at the end of the game. Where the consciousness of desmond miles is still alive somewhere inside the animus. In the assassin's creed, 3 absterges did manage to preserve desmond's body and they're still doing some research on this in order to find some of the secrets about the hidden ones using desmond's DNA.

Now in Valhalla, as we already know that Loki has transformed into Baseem and he did manage to escape through the timeline. And Loki is now currently alive in the current timeline who's basically disguised as baseem. Now according to gamebrand here, it seems like with it Loki returns to the modern era as baseem and is searching for his family a way to restore his love Letitia Leyla enters the grey. And meets the reader who is supposed to be desmond miles and she joins him in attempting to find a timeline where the world does not end in the disaster which also means that this timeline is basically going to bring back desmond miles.

An assassin's creed infinity is pretty much a code name and this codename is only used because the future of assassin's creed games trying to jump between a different infinite amount of timelines in order to find the perfect timeline where they can basically fix the destruction of the world and so it seems like game radar here says that assassin's creed infinity is inevitably going to be fated a genuine follow-up sequel to assassin's creed valhalla. Unless the future DLC ends the baseem reader storyline which doesn't really seem very likely either the code name and the fate of desmond miles. And it is very clear the desmond's impact on the franchise is not over yet and it seems like desmond miles is finally going to return to assassin's creed infinity and his existence here is going to play a very very huge impact on the future of this franchise. So We think for any of his og assassin's creed fans who have been missing desmond's mile storyline for a long time now we think this is of course very good news. If desmond miles does end up returning this could also mean that we might have a very decent storyline.

So We would love to know what do you guys think would you like to see desmond miles returning in assassin's creed infinity or are you guys not really interested in the current timeline and you would never want to see desmond miles return let us know what your thoughts are down below in the comments. If you guys are looking for a website that basically covers every single piece of information that you need about the assassin's creed or all the upcoming open-world games because this website is purely dedicated to the future of open-world games.

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