In this post, we'll show you how to fix a problem that occurs in Call of Duty Mobile that is "Sorry there was an error during the google play download in call of duty mobile!". Reading this Article which we have discussed down below having three different methods to solve this not opening of Call of Duty Mobile error. There is message that pops up when you try to open Call of Duty Mobile. Remember that this method is only for Activision ( Global) version and not for the Garena version.


    Why Call of Duty Mobile Google Play Error Occurs?

    This Error occurs due to the source file of the Call of Duty mobile is missing in an android folder. So as you can see in the image below this type of pop-up appears when we try to open the downloaded Call of duty Mobile which states "sorry there was an error during the google play download. Also confirm that you are connected to a stable network and try again later.


    Call of duty mobile: Sorry there was an error Error Fix

    This generally happens when you try to update and open the Call of duty Mobile. So this is an easy fix that can be done by changing the directory of the obb file. So there are two methods by which we can solve this issue. Both the method are stated below. So let us see method 1.

    Method 1: Change the File Path

    To fix this first go to the file manager.

    Now Search for the "com.activision.callofduty" or "".

    Find this folder and then move it to the android obb folder. 

    If you do not know where the obb folder is then you just need to go

    Internal Memory then to Android folder and there you go there is a folder named as obb.

     Wait for some time for the file to be pasted.

    Now restart your phone and start the game.

    If this method does not work for you, then apply the 2nd method.

    Method 2: Rename the File inside the Obb Folder

    Open your file manager and open your internal memory folder.

    Then go to "Android Folder" then "obb Folder".

    Now you will see the folder named as (com.activision.callofduty.shooter).

    Now rename this folder to (com.activision.callofduty.shooter).

    Now restart or reboot your phone.

    Now if you open your game then your game will launch properly without any error.

    After doing this two of the method may fix or solve your Google Play Error without any doubt.

    Method 3: Clear COD Mobile Temperory Files

    Basically clearing all the cache files aka Temp files will make your game reset or will make it as if it was just downloaded. 

    Follow this steps to clear the temp files:

    1. Open up your app drawer and find COD Mobile

    2. Press and hold the Call of duty Mobile and then click on the "i" button which will appear on the right corner.

    3. After clicking on this i button you will be forwarded to App info of Call of duty Mobile.

    4. Now Select Storage and Press on Clear Cache or temp files.

    5. This will clear all the config files of COD Mobile and will make your game reset.


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