Hey, how's going guys!! hope you are all having an absolutely fantastic day. Today's post is gonna be really special to you because in this post we are going to show you an fps game for low-end pcs with 1GB ram or low and a single-core CPU.

    Contract Wars : Best Free to Play PC FPS Game for low-end pc

    This game is just 43 MB in the size you can actually play this game without even downloading it on your browser. Lots of people look for an online multiplayer fps game in the browser. Here is the resolution the game is called contract wars it's a game that is based on fps mode so a first-person shooter in this game will start off with the tutorial that will explain all the basics of the game and how everything works.

    In contract wars, you will have to repair the weapons which you use in battles. The more you shoot the lower the health of the weapon goes and the lower that goes the lower the accuracy will go as well you have four modes of deathmatch where everyone is versus every one team elimination where there are two teams fighting against each other.

    Till one team reached 150 kills in total then there is target designation where there are again two teams facing off. One team plants a bomb in a given spot the other team tries to stop this but they don't know where the bomb is planted. if you die you stay dead till the round ends this game mode is similar to counter-strike the last game mode is tactical conquest.

    In this game on your team will have to capture three points per warning there is an enemy team that wants to do that as well every point you capture your team will gain points in contract wars. Also features lots of weapons like light machine guns submachine guns assault rifles and pistols shotguns and snipers the developers are still working on this game but it is a lot of fun to play.

    There are very different types of maps there are small middle maps and two very large maps. All the maps have their own features and various terrain buildings and different places to kill. For snipers, the submachine gun is a fast firing rate, in fact, the fastest in the game but this comes with one disadvantage they do very low damage even lower than some pistols.

    The Assualt Rifles aka AR Guns have various features such as it can have a medium fire rate and medium damage with high accuracy. They can also have high damage but low accuracy the snipers have the longest ring in the game and have the second most damage. They also have very high accuracy but a slow fire rate.

    Shotguns have the lowest range but have the most damage and medium fire rate. Then there is the light machine gun these guys have the most ammo and do

    high damage and have a medium fire rate but these guns make you walk slow and at the end, there are the pistols.

    Just like the assault rifles, there are many different features like some and single fire which has a medium fire rate and high accuracy.

    But medium damage but then there is the other feature which is the machined pistol with high fire rate and low damage and low accuracy.

    How to Play Contract Wars

    Follow the steps below to play Contract Wars:

    Just go to Contract Wars website: Click Here

    In order to play this game, you will have to register on the Contract Wars Website.

    Click on the Registration button to register with your Email Id.

    After the registration sign in to this Website

    Then you will see the Download Client on the left side, click on it.

    After the download is complete, install it.

    After the installation, go to the directory you have installed the files.

    Now you can launch the game.

    After the game has launched, you will see the login screen.

    Just Enter the Email Id and password you have entered before and click on the login button.

    Now you can play this game.

    If you are having any trouble downloading the Contract Wars just watch the video below :

    Download Link

    Just click the link down below to try the game for yourself.


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