This week Ubisoft revealed the longer term of the assassin's creed and looking on what you would like from this game could be exciting or disappointing either way. They're working on a project called assassin's creed infinity that's supposed to guide how to evolve and to define the overall future of the franchise.

It's quite a big deal so let's Discuss right here:

    What is Assassin Creed Infinity?

    According to Jason trier's report on Bloomberg infinity are going to be an enormous online platform that evolves over time rather than giving us only one historical setting infinity will deliver multiple settings and provides room to expand over a few years each game might look and feel different but they'll all be connected. According to Jason infinity can be a hub that supports multiple ac games both big and tiny.

    Is it Multiplayer?

    Will assassin's creed infinity is multiplayer there is a lot of discuss this being the Assassin Creed version of destiny or anthem but nothing we've heard to date confirms that it's natural to associate live service with co-op or multiplayer because most live service games do this and during this case assassin's creed has already become a looter in its own way but the reality is true now we just do not know. We know that's annoying but any claims that infinity has multiplayer or are going to be multiplayer immediately is concept so what about the next assassin's creed game.

    What will be the next AC game?

    When can we expect that we've been getting a brand new game each year or two but that changes with infinity both of the most ac studios Quebec and Montreal are engaged on this project which suggests we should always expect the following game before infinity comes out there'll however be more expansions more content like Valhalla's year two that's kicking off next year but the following mainline game is gonna include infinity? This project won't be done it won't even begin until 2024 at the earliest.

    Is this the end of single-player?

    Is this the end of traditional single-player ac games no Ubisoft isn't done making those solo narrative-driven assassin's creed games but once we see those within the future once they commence they'll now be a part of infinity rather than a brand new game releasing every fall like we're accustomed there's gonna be one platform that's constantly evolving and expanding? With new content again the concept is that this may be the hub for all things assassin's creed.

    How will Assassin Creed infinity Work?

    Assassin creed infinity remains very early but Ubisoft has definitely talked about the platform being helix or abstergo related at the start of ac unity. you would possibly remember there is a menu a helix menu that shows plenty of various historical settings within the animus. this is a great starting point for how infinity might work but again this is three years away and a lot could change personally we don't see how the animus isn't a core part of infinity it's in every single game it makes too much sense but hey Ubisoft does like to surprise us.

    Will there be Microtransactions?

    We don't know anything about what proportion this may cost or how Ubisoft plans to fund this project if the previous couple of games are anything to go by Infiniti will incorporate some sort of microtransactions most live service games do that so it's quite fair to assume that infinity will too.

    Who is making Assassin creed Infinity?

    Who is working on infinity Ubisoft decided to create this a collaborative project between their Montreal and Quebec studios. according to them this may unify the direction of the series and put the main focus on talent and leadership instead of studios. In theory, this could make the game feel more consistent I mean that's been a controversy since black flak but we'll see Jason Schreier claims though that Quebec goes to require charge of this project over Montreal there's been a long-standing rivalry between the studios so this could cause issues especially if Ubisoft is framing this as a collaborative project

    What about the Controversy?

    What about the sexual misconduct ubisoft ignored the problem in their promulgation for infinity so it's like they're trying to bury the story. we all know that two key developers on this project were accused of sexual misconduct and consistent with internal communications some employees don't seem to be happy about that ubisoft is choosing to stay these people around and that they will help shape the longer term of this franchise.

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