Today in this post we will see some new features in PS5 like Share Screen, Multitasking, and some Multiplayer Activities. So Without any further delay let's get started.

New Feature in PS5 - Share Screen and Multitasking


Share Screen

Winning in an online multiplayer match often requires careful coordination with your teammates. PlayStation 5's Share Screen and multitasking features make that easier than ever. Let's say you're strategizing with someone in your Party, and you get a notification that they have started sharing their screen. Just press the PS button and select Watch Share Screen right from the notification to start watching.

With Picture-in-Picture mode, you can view your teammate's shared screen overlaid on your own gameplay, and keep an eye on the action from their perspective. The Picture-in-Picture window can be positioned in whatever part of the screen works best for you. Or you can pin the video to either side of the screen, to make sure you can still see every inch of your game while you play. To quickly access the multitasking card, double-press the PS button to open the card right over the game. Double-press it again to return to the game.

You can also access the multitasking card from the Control Center. Once the card is open, you can change the screen you're viewing, switch multitasking modes, or exit multitasking altogether. And multitasking isn't just for screen sharing. It also works with Game Help videos, broadcasts, and videos shared by your friends and others. It's another way that PS5 helps you stay immersed in your favorite games. 

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Multiplayer Activities

Playing games online with friends is one of the greatest pleasures giving experience of the PlayStation. Once you’ve found people you love to play with, you’ll want to play with them again and again.

If you want to play with a specific friend, search for them, then visit their profile. If they're currently playing, you'll see their activity right there.

If you want to quickly look for active groups you can join, Open the control center to see which activities are available. Or visit Game Base to see what your online friends and parties are playing right now. If there's a specific online multiplayer game you want to play, visit that game's Hub to see which friends are currently playing it.

When you find an activity you want to take part in, and a slot is still available, you can join right away. Once you've joined, you can keep checking your scores and stats in the Control Center. You can also manage the players which you have played in your session. And if you're using voice chat, you can switch between Party and game chats, mute players, and manage your chat, all right from the Control Center too. 

After finishing an activity, you can fastly replay it with the same players from the Control Center. And select any of the activities so as to invite all for a rematch. Discover new ways to play together with PlayStation 5.

So What are you waiting for? Go and check out these amazing features in your PS5.

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