Ubisoft Goes Free To Play in 2022

Ubisoft has finally made a very huge announcement regarding them completely moving away from making aaa games in the coming future. Now, this information is coming officially from Ubisoft themselves in the recent earnings call. Where they have now confirmed that they are no longer interested in releasing any of the upcoming aaa(3A)  games.

Some of the upcoming games like far cry 6 prince of Persia Sand of time remake. Assassin's creed Valhalla's DLC is going to be the last aaa games that we will ever see from Ubisoft.

Now according to Ubisoft, the CFO Frederick Duguet has now made an official statement where he has said that the number of aaa games that they are going to be releasing as of now is going to be far cry 6 rainbows six quarantine skull bones writer's republic and Prince of Persia sands of time remake as well as a rollers champion. This is also going to be a free-to-play title.

They're also releasing a brand new assassin's creed mobile game which is basically a collaboration between Tencent. This game is going to be a full-fledged third-person open-world title with a proper storyline and a linear game. 

They're of course making this game a free-to-play title now Ubisoft has very clearly come out and they've mentioned the reason that they are now stepping away from the aaa genre and now going completely free to play. Now making games that will only be free to play and will also have a very long life for the game where they keep updating new content.

Now the CEO Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft has also noted that the reason why Ubisoft is doing this is. Basically, in order to increase the revenue format for the company and looking back at Ubisoft's past history, it seems like rainbow six siege has now added 15 million new players in the last 12 months itself. And growing all the way to 70 million players in total since launch which means that they're still making a ton of money and going free to play is only gonna be increasing their revenue stream.

What's funny here is that Ubisoft has very openly mentioned that the reason why they're doing this is basically to make more money and free to play games will basically have different battle pass where players can purchase new items skins.

Whereas they get the original base game for free of course. They've also said that the upcoming avatar game which is going to be coming out in 2022 will also end up being one of the last aaa titles that we will see from Ubisoft now. As of now whatever Ubisoft has announced is going to be paid games and then the games that are coming up in the future after the games that they have currently announced are going to be completely free to play and every single game. They will of course have a ton of microtransactions so that way Ubisoft can keep updating the game and giving in more content over time without really having to worry about the income stream and the revenues for the company.

So, this is basically what's happening with Ubisoft what do you guys think about this new decision that Ubisoft has taken going from a full-fledged aaa industry to a completely different free-to-play genre games. 

What do you guys think about this are you happy about the decision that Ubisoft has made here or do you guys think that there is something more sketchy coming up in the future maybe Ubisoft is just digging their own grave here so who knows?

We would love to know what you guys think about this opinion of Ubisoft and are you happy with it or not because of course we as gamers are the reasons how they make money right. At the end of the day, we are the reason why Ubisoft obviously makes the games so please feel free to go ahead and let people know down below the comments on what you personally think and even if some of the people at Ubisoft do end up reading this post. They kind of know what the community basically wants and what they don't so that kind of helps them.

Give new ideas in the future of what kind of new games they want to be making. As well so always like we said feel free to go ahead and let them know down below in the comments. Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day.

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