Practically since the release of Valerie, We have been playing Reina every chance we got. She is incredibly fun to play because of her high solo carry potential and the ability to just snowball around off of a killer.

So today we'll be sharing with you guys the most important tips and tricks that We've learned so far playing Reina.

    REYNA PRO Tips & Tricks - VALORANT Reyna Guide

    Leer Ability

    The first tip is to make sure you utilize Rayna's Lear ability properly in 1v1 situations. Especially you can turn a fight to your advantage by peaking as you throw your Lear out assuming you know where the enemy is. This forces them to eat their blind spray and hope they hit you or to shoot the eye which will open up a short window of time where you can shoot your enemy without being shot back. If you don't know where the enemy is you can also use your leer to try and gain info by forcing the enemies to choose to either shoot the eye or make noise that way or by running around the cornerback to safety. 

    Lear is obviously great for entering into sights as well for those exact same reasons at the very least you can figure out where the enemies are. As they shoot the eye or in the best case scenarios your team will enter with the eye and trade kills while the enemies shoot it.

    Devourer And Dismiss

    The next tips are for Rayna's signature abilities devourer and dismiss in general. You're only gonna want to use devourer after you've already won your 1v1 and you are safe to heal because to get the full heal from your devoured.

    You have to sit in the line of sight of the soul orb for the entire duration of the heal if you were to use devourer in a 1v2.

    For example, you wouldn't be able to heal fully and you'll either die waiting to heal all the way up or you will have just wasted the ability and have to cancel it and run anyway.

    A slightly more situational tip that you want to throw in for Rayna's devourer is that you should always try and use devourer on pistol rounds the over heal. On the devourer allows you to go to 150 total health and having that much of a health pool on round one.

    When everyone just has pistols is a huge advantage we've won numerous pistol rounds as Reina because we get an early kill to get 150 total health and then we survived getting dinked by a ghost. In basically any situation where it's more than a 1v1 and it's too dangerous to heal. We will almost always be using dismiss to reposition in the fight or to disengage completely.

    Empress Ability

    Finally, it's time to start talking about rain as the ultimate ability empress and bris gives Rana an insane gunfight advantage because of the DPS boost she gets, and on top of that, she built her ultimate pretty quickly. Because of that we generally like to use rain assault within the first one or two rounds of having it something.

    We like to take into consideration before using my alt though is the general economy of the game.

    How is my team doing on the economy?

    how are the enemies doing on the economy?

    And if you see that the enemies are barely able to fully buy that means it's an important round and rounds. Like these are when we're trying to use rain assault the most because I'll have the most impact on the game obviously rain assault is good.

    In a lot of situations as well just because of the fact that if she gets one kill in her all she could easily snowball that into a round win. So it's not a bad idea to use rain assault in clutch situations.

    We just often find ourselves deciding if we want to use my alt based on the enemy's economy because if you manage to break the enemy's economy and they have to save then that's a free round win. For you when we're an empress film as well we will practically always use dismiss after every single kill. The only exception to that being if we can immediately get another kill.

    For example, a spray transfer or if the enemy doesn't see me yet but basically after every kill, we will use dismiss taking advantage of the buff that Empress gives it to go invisible and either reposition behind my enemies for a surprise or to disengage from the fight completely. If we are really outnumbered there is literally no downside to using dismiss to reposition in a fight especially with rain assault because when you are in Empress form as Rayna after every single kill you will automatically heal and not consume the soul orb. This means that you can go fully invisible reposition and also heal at the same time.

    So those are the tips and tricks that We've picked up on over the last few days of playing a ton of Reyna. We hope this helps you guys out a little bit it helps you understand Rayna's kit a little bit better and if you guys want to see more Balor and guides like this then I would greatly appreciate it if you guys comment down below and let us know.

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